If you had visited this site last week, you would’ve found the site basically unchanged since mid-2011, a blog frozen in time as if awaiting a next post that never comes.
Not any more. I took time over the weekend to bring back alive the blog which was dead, with new goals. Self hosting a personal website is just hard, still. But, I am now commited to write and share more of what I learn, as I learn. You'll see a complete overhaul of this website soon.

Why I love working on the web

Working on the web is hard and challenging. Competing priorities from clients, managing the expectations of people who don't understand technology, and the ever expanding and evolving web-stack all contribute to it's challenges. Most days I'll leave with more to do that I got done, and yet I love it. This crazy environment attracts really smart people. I have one of the most talented teams I know of and they're all really brilliant at what they do. I feel it has been a privilege to work everyday with such bright people.


I started as a Java developer then jumped on the Rails bandwagon in mid-2008 and loved it. The first Rails project I worked on, vaccidate.in: a free service to get reminded of your kids' Vaccination schedule, is still on. Of late, I've been working with and exploring JavaScript technologies both in the front-end with AngualarJS and back-end with NodeJS. The JavaScript scene is currently in hyper mode and there goes by not a single week without a new framework or library release. Its brilliant.


I have been coding less and less for atleast and year now especially after I started working and managing this team which I intend to change. This year, I want to dive deep into JavaScript and involve myself with all things web, exploring web standards, architectures of large scale applications and contributing to open-source.
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