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syed aslam

Hi! I'm Syed Aslam. I am a hacker, social technologist and upcoming entrepreneur. I live in Bangalore, India.

A couple of years ago, I decided not to do what others would have done after graduating with a Masters in Computer Applications and having a good start as a Java developer. Also a couple of years ago, I decided to hitch my wagon to a little known company that was making cool software.

And couple of years since then, I have been at Mapunity, as a web developer working on Ruby on Rails. And, I am loving it. When I am not thinking, or working at Mapunity, I like live sport, enjoy good music and theorise about life. Oh, and I love cats.

This blog will be my notepad for my crazy experiments in the software development world. This will serve not only to know where I currently stand or where I'm headed, but also to know where I've been.

You can reach me by email at aslam.maqsood@gmail.com or on Twitter as @syedaslam. I also have delicious stuff.

This blog is all static files, generated by Jekyll, with Disqus for comments.

Unless otherwise noted, all the stuff I publish is under the MIT License.

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